M.T.F. (belie_moi) wrote in die_wenches,


1) three pictures of your gorgeous, self important face.:
this is the only decent pic i could get my hands on. my friend told me to use it anyway...

2) one of penis. we don’t really care if it’s yours, we won’t be checking up on this detail too strictly. However, if you happen to be of the male persuasion, it wouldn’t hurt to give us a little flash.:

3) Since we are not individuals without class, and do enjoy the finer things in life, we would be delighted to see a snapshot of your favorite painting.: this is a work of art that i like, but i woudnt go so far as to say that its my favorite. i havent chosen a favorite.

1) three favorite bands and give reason as to why they are relevant to our listening consideration.: aerosmith, acdc, and van halen: you should listen because theyre simply wonderful and have influenced a lot of music

2) three favorite sexual positions. yes this is optional: im going to have to say no comment to this

3) three favorite movies: schindeler's list, american history x, and a nightmare before christmas

4) three favorite books. please, comics don’t count and neither does Stephen King.: any of the harry potter books

5) one dead person that you would most like to fuck, and how.: i dont know of any dead people id like to fuck, but living would be johnny depp for sure

1) a detailed thesis on how the Matrix/Star Wars/LOTR relates to the womb (choose one and only one of the three): since i havent seen LOTR or star wars, the matrix relates to the womb because birth is painful and agonizing - like watching the horrible movie.

2) the intelligence of President Bush: i dont pay much attention to political things, but judging by all of the mistakes he has made in speeches and/or affairs id say he doesnt have much intelligence

3) explain your feelings on music.: music is one of the best things in the world. i could listen to it all day long. i like some of every genre of music.

if you were invited, who by? caitie
if you get accepted, invite someone to join.
if you get rejected, sex yourself up and try try again.
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