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because everyone hates elitests

the antichrist of rating
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This is the application for die_wenches. Obviously, you’ve realized how amazing we really are as individuals and have a basic animal desire to join our establishment. However, it really isn’t that simple. For as pointless a rating community, there can only be an equally pointless and shallow application. Fill it out, don’t lie, and realize that yes, you have now sold your soul to the Gods of livejournal.

some lame rules that have to be followed.

-if you like, talk, um, like this in your application and it sucks, um, then don't be a whiny bitch about getting a unanimous "no". if you still feel jilted, then i suggest fuck_thestereo or _stamp_this_ - their standards are lower than a drunken prom date.

- If you aren't a member, and not putting in an application - obviously, you don't post. Also, we'd like to not have our comments be irrelevant side conversations.

- if you join, but don't put in an application within a week, your ass is deleted.

- if you offend the moderators on a bad day, your ass is banned.

-voting will be limited to one day after your application is posted. after which period of time, voting is closed and the decision is made.

- wait one week until posting another application - if you are denied.

- do not post comments to anything until you are accepted and stamped.

-to prove you read the rules, please title your lj-cut application "vain as fuck"

- pictures of you cannot, i repeat, CANNOT BE FUCKING PHOTOSHOPPED. bitch please, shake what yo momma gave you.

- if you question our logic, we collect your fucking head.

otherwise, things are peachy and everyone should have TONS of fun.

we can be assholes, so don't screw with us.



1) three pictures of your gorgeous, self important face.

2) one of penis. we don’t really care if it’s yours, we won’t be checking up on this detail too strictly. However, if you happen to be of the male persuasion, it wouldn’t hurt to give us a little flash.

3) Since we are not individuals without class, and do enjoy the finer things in life, we would be delighted to see a snapshot of your favorite painting.


1) three favorite bands and give reason as to why they are relevant to our listening consideration.

2) three favorite sexual positions. yes this is optional

3) three favorite movies

4) three favorite books. please, comics don’t count and neither does Stephen King.

5) one dead person that you would most like to fuck, and how.


1) a detailed thesis on how the Matrix/Star Wars/LOTR relates to the womb (choose one and only one of the three)
2) the intelligence of President Bush
3) explain your feelings on music.

if you were invited, who by?
if you get accepted, invite someone to join.
if you get rejected, sex yourself up and try try again.